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Chimpanzee Expert Visits Korea    [ 2017-09-01]   
  Chimpanzee Expert Visits Korea0Jane Goodall is the most famous chimpanzee expert in the world. She is also an environmental activist. She founded Roots and Shoots, a youth service program which aims to show respect and compassion for all living things.

  Chimpanzee Expert Visits Korea2Last month, the 83-year-old British primatologist visited Korea. On August 10, she was at the National Assembly Meeting Hall for an event titled “Eco Talks” where she sat down for a Q&A session with Professor Choi Jae-cheon of the Ewha Womans University. On August 12, she went to Gangwon Province to receive the Manhae Award.

Janine Pineda
Staff Reporter
1. Who is Jane Goodall?
2. When did Jane Goodall go to Gangwon Province?
1. What is Roots and Shoots?
2. Are animals smart? What animals are smart? Why?