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National leaders from around the world collaborated on an essay detailing the necessity of a new international treaty th
Nowadays, AI is being utilized in various industries. It is widely used not only in entertainment fields but also in aut
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On Mar. 29, Everland announced that its iconic safari bus will retire this spring. Around 84 million people rode the bus
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A firefighter is a person who puts out fires as a job. Firefighters also help save people and anima
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Gallup, a company known for conducting public surveys throughout the world, interviewed 1,018 American adults to see which professions were
What’s This About?Many people discourage teenagers from lifting heavy weights because they believe that doing so has a negative effect on b
A South Korean official recently said he hopes North Korea will participate in the inter-Korean World Cup qualifier. The upcoming 2022 Qatar
Genshin Impact was once ridiculed for looking suspiciously similar to another video game. However, it is now one of the most popular games a
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The village of Hoi An in Vietnam, which is one of UNESCO’s World Sites, was seriously damaged by a termite attack.A recent survey conducted
Guan Yu is one of the most popular ancient Chinese historical figures. He is depicted as a hero in various movies and comic books.When China
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Korea’s biggest carrier, Korean Air, aims to operate as an integrated entity with Asiana Airlines in 2024. Before the two carriers merge, A
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Recently, polling organization Gallup Korea conducted a survey to find out what Koreans think about the country’s economic outlook for the
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A young Chinese girl in Guizhou Province became popular all over the world after posting herself presenting martial arts skills. Her name is
Computer engineering is one of the most popular fields of engineering among college students. Computer engineering majors learn how to desig
For many different reasons, a lot of people suffer from sleep disorders. Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders. However, there
Buckshot Smith is a 91-year-old American cop from a small Arkansas town called Camden. He has been a cop for more than 56 years. He will be
Around Me
A firefighter is a person who puts out fires as a job. Firefighters also help save people and anima
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Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia. Tashkent is the capital. Uzbekistan was one of the most
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A goldfish is a small fish that many people raise as a pet. Goldfish are freshwater fish. This mea
See & do
(1) Have. Have some breakfast. (2) Say. Say goodbye to your mother. (3) Stir. Stir some jam. (4)