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Headline News
The U.N. has been raising the alarm about a deteriorating oil tanker that is on the verge of spilling 1.1 million barrel
Hungarian scientists have unintentionally created a new fish hybrid named the sturddlefish.According to a study publishe
National News
Right now, many countries around the world are suffering from a food crisis caused by huge locust swarms. According to t
Around Me
Stress is not a good feeling. Stress makes us feel nervous and worried. We feel stressed for diffe
World News I
A 22-year-old Korean-American named Hannah Kim, who lives in California with her 17-year-old brother, has lost her grandmother and both of h
What’s This About?People practice tarot card reading to gain insight about the past, present, or future. To participate, a question is firs
The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL). It is the most-watched TV event in the U.S. and is cel
K-pop fans were treated to many bops this summer, but the fun is not over yet! There are many comebacks coming your way in August.(G)I-dle i
World News
The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced that the first COVID-19 vaccines could roll out around early 2021.Mike Ryan, the exec
Born in Korea in 1984, former Korean Navy Lieutenant Ken Rhee spent most of his childhood in the U.S. As he graduated from Virginia Military
National News
On July 20, there was a call for celebration at Everland Zoo. A 197-g panda cub was born between a female named Ai Bao and a male named Le B
National News
Those who enjoy consuming apple watermelons in the summer will now have an opportunity to taste fresh ones harvested in Goseong County, Sout
World News
The Korea Herald reported that Cats will come to Seoul this September. Cats is a very popular British musical that was created in 1981 in Lo
Doctors anesthetize patients to put them in a sleep-like state before surgery. Anesthesia makes you feel sleepy and relaxed so you don’t fe
Many people are using eco-friendly products to help save the environment. Interestingly, we can purchase and wear eco-friendly clothes made
Bridger Walker is a 6-year-old boy who saved his little sister.A savage dog suddenly tried to attack Bridger’s sister. Bridger immediately
Around Me
Stress is not a good feeling. Stress makes us feel nervous and worried. We feel stressed for diffe
Yummy News
Fiji is a small country in the Pacific Ocean. There are more than 300 islands in Fiji. Many people
Around Nature
Ants are one of the smallest bugs in the world. Ants work together, so they live in groups. Each g
See & do
(1) Observe. Observe a beetle. (2) Play. Play with some clay. (3) Read. Read a fairy tale. (4) Se